Wildlife on the Road
To swerve, or not to swerve: That is the question.

Before leaping to an answer, consider these statistics:

Ouch, huh?
Ouch, indeed.

To avoid adding to these statistics, trim your chances of colliding with traversing wildlife by practicing the following precautions:

Now, finally, to answer the swerve-or-not-to-swerve dilemma, experts advise not swerving. You can suffer more ghastly consequences from an oncoming UPS delivery truck than from a leaping mule deer or skittering antelope. It is best to lock the breaks, jam the horn, and (if time allows) duck low behind the dashboard.

Moose are the lone exception to the do-not-swerve rule. An adult moose can grow to 1,600 pounds. Consequently, colliding with a moose is comparable to colliding with a compact vehicle on stilts, with the likelihood of fatal or long-term injuries to the front-seat occupants of your car. So if the situation allows, swerving for a moose is a defensive option..
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